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eBC Upcoming Seminars


VANTUG and .Net BC, are having a joint meeting Hosted by on “XtremIO and the Microsoft application stack”
April 30th,2015

VANTUG and .Net BC, are having a joint meeting Hosted by on “XtremIO and the Microsoft application stack”
Apr 30, 2015: 6pm Welcome @ BCIT DT Campus Rooms 280 & 282
555 Seymour Street Vancouver BC,


XtremIO and the Microsoft application stack
Flash technology is redefining the datacentre by providing unprecedented workload consolidation, agility, performance and dramatic cost savings. In this session we will show how EMC’s XtremIO disruptive Flash technology provides new and unique capabilities to better service user needs in your Microsoft environments in a more cost effective, efficient manner while delivering consistent/predictable performance at scale. EMC XtremIO’s All-Flash Array is built from the ground up to optimize Flash and provides Always-on Data Services of In-Ine Dedupe and Compression, Data Protection and Thin Provisioning that is industry leading. An example is our unique ability to provide instantaneous zero-cost snapshots to allow multiple copies of your SQL Server databases as and when needed without impacting production.

Michael Morris
XtremIO Principal Solution Architect
10+ yrs working as a Developer, DBA, GIS Administrator and Statistical Analyst before joining EMC where I’ve been fortunate to be involved in all aspects of testing Flash (SSD) technology. From initial work on manual storage tiering, to the introduction of the very first Flash drives in the then CX4 Storage Array, followed by the progression to Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (FAST VP) for EMC VNX and VMAX series arrays. This was followed by a natural progression to working on EMC XtremIO’s All-Flash Array.

Pizza and Refreshments will be served.

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VANTUG and .Net BC, are having a joint meeting Hosted by on “XtremIO and the Microsoft application stack”

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May 7th MVP Roadshow with Charlie Russel on Cloud OS
Charlie Russel
Microsoft MVP

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Created as the Vancouver NT Users Group in 1996, the group changed it's name to the Vancouver Technology User Group in 2002. Since VANTUG's inception, the interest from the membership has been centered around learning both about the newer technologies as well as to seek out other members that may have knowledge to share. Many members have developer, IT Pro, database or Office certifications providing access to a wide range of personal networking opportunities. The group focuses primarily on those topics and technologies that are of interest to IT pros. The hunger for information and knowledge sharing will always be there and VANTUG has played, and will continue to play, an important role in facilitating this.

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